PNG title image Talking Dictionaries of Papua New Guinea

Aren (Aiome) flag
Aren (Aiome) talking dictionary­aren
Idio Titan flag
Idio Titan talking dictionary­idio_titan
Kewapi flag
Kewapi talking dictionary­kewapi
Kuman flag
Kuman talking dictionary­kuman
Melpa flag
Melpa talking dictionary­melpa
Muyuw (Woodlark) flag
Muyuw (Woodlark) talking dictionary­muyuw
Naasioi flag
Naasioi talking dictionary­naasioi
Nagane Kuman flag
Nagane Kuman talking dictionary­nagane_kuman
Nalik flag
Nalik talking dictionary­nalik
Wahgi flag
Wahgi talking dictionary­wahgi
Waskia flag
Waskia talking dictionary­waskia
Weri flag
Weri talking dictionary­weri
Yabem flag
Yabem talking dictionary­yabem

Other dictionaries from Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea flag
Matukar Panau talking dictionary­matukar
panim flag
Panim talking dictionary­panim
yokoim flag
Yokoim talking dictionary­yokoim

Talking Dictionaries from India

Koro Aka flag
Koro Aka talking dictionary­koro
Hruso Aka flag
Hruso Aka talking dictionary­hruso
Gta' flag
Gta’ talking dictionary­gta
santali flag
Santali talking dictionary­santali

Talking Dictionaries of Guatemala

achi flag
Achi talking dictionary­achi
akateka flag
Akateko talking dictionary­akateko
awakateko flag
Awakateko talking dictionary­awakateko
Ch'orti' flag
Ch'orti' talking dictionary­chorti
chalchiteko flag
Chalchiteko talking dictionary­chalchiteko
chuj flag
Chuj talking dictionary­chuj
itza flag
Itza talking dictionary­itza
ixil flag
Ixil talking dictionary­ixil
jakalteka flag
Jakalteko talking dictionary­jakalteko
kaqchikel flag
Kaqchikel talking dictionary­kaqchikel
kiche flag
K'iche' talking dictionary­kiche
mopan flag
Mopan talking dictionary­mopan
Mam flag
Mam talking dictionary­mam
poqomam flag
Poqomam talking dictionary­poqomam
poqomchi flag
Poqomchi' talking dictionary­poqomchi
qanjobal flag
Q'anjob'al talking dictionary­qanjobal
qeqchi flag
Q'eqchi' talking dictionary­qeqchi
sakapulteko flag
Sakapulteko talking dictionary­sakapulteko
sipakapense flag
Sipakapense talking dictionary­sipakapense
tektiteko flag
Tektiteko talking dictionary­tektiteko
tzutujil flag
Tz'utujil talking dictionary­tzutujil
uspanteko flag
Uspanteko talking dictionary­uspanteko
Ngäbere flag
Ngäbere talking dictionary­ngabere

Talking Dictionaries of Zimbabwe

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Chikunda talking dictionary­chikunda
Kalanga talking dictionary­kalanga
Nambya talking dictionary­nambya
Ndau talking dictionary­ndau
Ndebele talking dictionary­ndebele
Shona talking dictionary­shona
Tjwao talking dictionary­tjwao

Talking Dictionaries of Micronesia

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Chuukese talking dictionary­chuukese
Kapingamarangi talking dictionary­kapingamarangi
Kosraean talking dictionary­kosraean
Mokilese talking dictionary­mokilese
Namolukese talking dictionary­namolukese
Nukuoro talking dictionary­nukuoro
Pingelapese talking dictionary­pingelapese
Pohnpeian talking dictionary­pohnpeian
Yapese talking dictionary­yapese

Talking Dictionaries for Zapotec languages

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San Lucas Quiaviní Zapotec­sanlucasquiavini
Tlacolula de Matamoros Zapotec­tlacolula
Tlacochahuaya Zapotec­tlacochahuaya
Teotitlán del Valle Zapotec­teotitlan
Miahuatec Zapotec (San Bartolomé Loxicha)­miahuatec_sbl

Talking Dictionaries from other workshops

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Tillamook talking dictionary­tillamook
KiBembe talking dictionary­kibembe
Tlacolula Valley Zapotec talking dictionary­zapotec
Ibibio talking dictionary­ibibio

Talking Dictionaries of Latin America

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Mam talking dictionary­mam
Mapudungun talking dictionary­mapudungun
Mazahua talking dictionary­mazahua
Miahuatec Zapotec (San Bartolomé Loxicha) talking dictionary­miahuatec_sbl
Monkox Besɨro talking dictionary­chiquitano
Pipil (Nahuat) talking dictionary­pipil
Quechua Chanka talking dictionary­quechua_chanka
Tsesungun talking dictionary­tsesungun
Yanesha talking dictionary­yanesha
Yshyr-Chamacoco talking dictionary­chamacoco

Talking Dictionaries of Colombia

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Nasa yuwe talking dictionary­paez
Sáliba talking dictionary­saliba
Embera talking dictionary­embera
Uitoto talking dictionary­uitoto
Wayuunaiki talking dictionary­wayuu