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rguny ??

scratches (an itch)

(Spanish) rasca

rguny bed guecyni ??

combs her hair (of a woman or possibly a man with long hair)

(Spanish) se peina (dicese de una mujer, o posiblemente de un hombre de pelo largo)

rgux:naa ??

marries (performs marriage for)

(Spanish) casa

rguziny ??

gets (a woman) pregnant

(Spanish) embaraza, deja (a una mujer) encinta

rgwa lo ??

shaves (someone), shaves (someone’s) face

(Spanish) afeita (alguien), rasura (a alguien), le rasura la barba a alguien

rgwa loni ??

shaves, shaves his face

(Spanish) se afeita, se afeita la barba, se rasura, se rasura la barba

rgwa zru ??

interrupts (what someone is saying)

(Spanish) interrumpe (lo que alguien está diciendo)

rgwad ??

gives (something) away

(Spanish) regala, da

rgwah ??

cuts (hair, agave leaves); prunes the top of (a plant), cuts mows (short grass or alfalfa); shears (sheep)

(Spanish) corta (el pelo, hojas de maguey, el cort pasto, o alfalfa); poda la parte superior de (una planta); esquila (ovejas)

rgwai ??


(Spanish) cocina, cuece

rgwaigyia ??


(Spanish) hierve ( un huevo)

rgwainys ??

boils, softboils (an egg)

(Spanish) hierve (un huevo)

rgwak ??

wraps (someone) in (something), puts ( a garments that covers the upper body) on (someone)

(Spanish) envuelve (a alguien) en (algo)

rgwall ??

sets (something) on fire

(Spanish) enciende, prende fuego a (algo)

rgwaly ??

cooks (corn from which atole or tortilla will be made)

(Spanish) coce (maíz que se va a usar para hacer atole o tortillas)

rgwap Dyooz tagual ??

pay one’s respect at the home where a dead person is laid out before the funeral

(Spanish) presentar sus respetos en la casa donde una persona muerta está acostada, antes del funeral

rgwazy ??

gets (something) wet

(Spanish) moja

rgwe ??

speaks, talks

(Spanish) habla

rgwe diz ??

says, speaks

(Spanish) dice, habla

rgwe diz nyeu loni ??

says one thing but means another

(Spanish) dice una cosa pero quiere decir otra coasa

rgwe diz xteen ??

talks about

(Spanish) habla de

rgwe lok ni nainy ??

tells the truth

(Spanish) dice la verdad

rgwe’ ??

makes (someone) drink, gets (someone) drunk; nurse breastfeeds (a baby)

(Spanish) hacer beber( a alguien), emborracha (a alguien); amamanta, le da pecho a (un bebé)

rgwed ??


(Spanish) trenza

rgwee’ duad ??

nurses, breastfeeds (of a baby)

(Spanish) amamanta, le da pecho a un bebé

rgwene diz ??

talks with, speaks with

(Spanish) habla con, platica con

rgwi ??

looks ( in a direction)

(Spanish) mira (hacia alguna dirección)

rgwi cuan ??


(Spanish) visita

rgwi lo ??

looks at, watches; checks out, looks over

(Spanish) ve, mira, observa; revisa

rgwi ru’??

looks through, looks out

(Spanish) mira por

rgwigyely lo ??

looks wide-eyes at

(Spanish) mira con los ojos completamente abierto a

rgwinylaz ??

feels sad, feels sorrowful; feels homesick, feels nostalgic; misses someone

(Spanish) se siente triste; se siente nostálgico; extraña a alguien

rgwityep ??


(Spanish) mira fijamente

rgwityep lo ??

stares at

(Spanish) mira fijamente (a alguien

rgwityep lo ??

stares at

(Spanish) mira fijamente (a alguien)

rgwixgats ??

watches from a concealed position, watches stealthily

(Spanish) mira desde una posición oculta, mora cautelosamente

rgwizac ??

takes a good look at, analyzes

(Spanish) ve bien, observa, analiza

rgya ??


(Spanish) baila

rgyadity ??

goes dancing along (in fear)

(Spanish) va bailando por el camino (con miedo?)

rgyan ??


(Spanish) le da de comer

rgyeiyne ??


(Spanish) regaña

rgyeiynee ??


(Spanish) discute

rgyet ??


(Spanish) juega

rgyetne ??

plays with, teases, kids;*flirts with

(Spanish) juego con, le toma el pelo a, bromea; coquetea con

rgyets ??

gets vigorously massaged (of a part of the body)

(Spanish) se masajea vigorosamente (de una parte del cuerpo)

rgyey ??


(Spanish) discute

rgyi ??

gets cooked, roasted, grilled

(Spanish) se cocina, se asa (al horno o en la brasas)

rgyixyeix ??

puts to bed, puts to sleep

(Spanish) acuesta, pone a dormir

rgyiya ??

gets incompletely cooked; gets cooked rare (of meat)

(Spanish) se cocina imcompletamente; se cocina medio crudo (carne)

rgyiz xuax ??

get cooked so that it is crisp (of pork, for example)

(Spanish) dorarse para que se ponga crujiente (de puerco, por ejemplo)