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Voces Duderas title image Talking Dictionaries of Latin America

Twelve indigenous language activists representing ten minority language communities from seven Latin American countries gathered for a week in Santiago, Chile in January 2013 to share their experiences and to learn digital media literacy skills and how to apply them to create online multi-media resources in their languages.

Mam flag
Mam talking dictionary­mam
Mapudungun flag
Mapudungun talking dictionary­mapudungun
Mazahua flag
Mazahua talking dictionary­mazahua
Miahuatec Zapotec (San Bartolomé Loxicha) flag
Miahuatec Zapotec (San Bartolomé Loxicha) talking dictionary­miahuatec_sbl
Monkox Besɨro flag
Monkox Besɨro talking dictionary­chiquitano
Pipil (Nahuat) flag
Pipil (Nahuat) talking dictionary­pipil
Quechua Chanka title
Quechua Chanka talking dictionary­quechua_chanka
Tsesungun flag
Tsesungun talking dictionary­tsesungun
Yanesha flag
Yanesha talking dictionary­yanesha

Talking Dictionaries of Colombia

Páez flag
Nasa yuwe talking dictionary­paez
Sáliba flag
Sáliba talking dictionary­saliba
Embera flag
Embera talking dictionary­paez
Uitoto flag
Uitoto talking dictionary­uitoto
Wayuunaiki flag
Wayuunaiki talking dictionary­wayuu