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Diné Bizaad Lexicons, Grammars and Examples

These language learning and study aids were developed by a collaboration of the Navajo Language Academy (Diné Bizaad Naalkaah) and Navajo Technical University with technical support from Swarthmore College, and funding from the National Science Foundation.

The Verb Mode resource is still under development.

In these resources, example sentences are often drawn from Young & Morgan (1987). The abbreviation YM (1987) refers to this book. YMM (1992) refers to Young, Morgan, & Midgette (1992).


  • Young, Robert W. and William Morgan, Sr. 1987. The Navajo Language: a grammar and colloquial dictionary. University of New Mexico Press. Albuquerque.
  • Young, Robert W., William Morgan, Sr., and Sally Midgette. 1992. Analytical Lexicon of Navajo. University of New Mexico Press. Albuquerque.

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Diné Bizaad Saad késhdę́ę́’į́­navajo_postposition
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Diné Bizaad Saad ’át’éii­navajo_adverb
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Diné Bizaad Questions: grammar and examples­navajo_questions
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Diné Bizaad Verb Modes: grammar and examples (in development)­navajo_verb_mode
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Navajo Conjunctions and related expressions­navajo_conjunction