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The Micronesia Language Revitalization Workshop was held over 4 days in Kolonia, Pohnpei State, Federated States of Micronesia in July 2013. It was graciously hosted by the Island Research Education Initiative (IREI) and the FSM Special Education Service, Department of Education. Many thanks to all of the participants and Yvonne Neth of IREI, the local coordinator and partner.

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Chuukese talking dictionary­chuukese
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Kapingamarangi talking dictionary­kapingamarangi
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Kosraean talking dictionary­kosraean
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Mokilese talking dictionary­mokilese
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Namolukese talking dictionary­namolukese
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Nukuoro talking dictionary­nukuoro
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Pingelapese talking dictionary­pingelapese
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Pohnpeian talking dictionary­pohnpeian
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Yapese talking dictionary­yapese