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-ahtay ᐊᐦᑕᔾ

particle 1) archaic: a made-beaver(s) (i.e., unit of currency once used by the Hudson’s Bay Company); ništo-ahtay three made beavers 2) a dollar(s); peyako-ahtay one dollar

-kwâpinikan ᐧᑳᐱᓂᑲᓐ

particle handful

-minikošiš ᒥᓂᑯᔑᔥ

particle minute



particle yes/no question marker placed after first fully accentuated word in the sentence; Ki sâkihin-nâ? Do you love me? Kîla-nâ? Is it you? Nama-nâ? Is it not?

-tipahikan ᑎᐸᐦᐃᑲᓐ

particle a unit of measure (e.g., of distance, time, volume, etc.)

-tipâpeškôcikan ᑎᐹᐯᔥᑰᒋᑲᓐ


particle a measure of weight (indeterminate, but usually referring to a pound or kilogram)