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Help on Kapingamarangi phonetics

Kapingamarangi Letters Phonetic Symbol Phonetic Description Kapingamarangi Example
b b voiced bilabial stop listenloadingplaying bedi
b aspirated labial voiced stop listenloadingplaying babaa wae
d d dental voiced stop listenloadingplaying dolomen
ɖ aspirated dental voiced stop listenloadingplaying dahi
d t dental voiceless stop listenloadingplaying bedi
t voiceless retroflex plosive listenloadingplaying athili
g g velar voiced stop listenloadingplaying gobai
g k velar voiceless stop listenloadingplaying aga
k aspirated velar voiceless stop listenloadingplaying akai
h h voiceless glottal fricative listenloadingplaying ahi
l l dental lateral approximant listenloadingplaying lima
m m bilabial nasal listenloadingplaying madua
n n dental nasal listenloadingplaying danghi
ng ŋ velar nasal listenloadingplaying ngaahulu
b p labial voiceless stop listenloadingplaying bakau
p aspirated labial voiceless stop listenloadingplaying mada pua
s s voiceless alveolar fricative listenloadingplaying halasee
w w labial voiced semivowel listenloadingplaying uwa
aa a (ɑ) long low-central unrounded vowel listenloadingplaying paan
a ă extra-short low-central unrounded vowel listenloadingplaying made
ee e long mid-front unrounded vowel listenloadingplaying deegida
e ĕ extra-short mid-front unrounded vowel listenloadingplaying tenetene
a ə mid-central unrounded vowel listenloadingplaying magila
ii i long high-front vowel listenloadingplaying iiwhi
i ĭ extra-short high-front vowel listenloadingplaying dahi
oo o long mid-back rounded vowel listenloadingplaying goobai
o ŏ extra-short mid-back rounded vowel listenloadingplaying ono
uu u long-high-back rounded vowel listenloadingplaying kairuu
u ŭ extra-short high-back rounded vowel listenloadingplaying gudu
long consonants attested in Kapingamarangi Lexicon, Lieber 1974.
mm m long labial nasal listenloadingplaying mmoo
ww w long-labial voiced semivowel listenloadingplaying wwouwwou
hh h long glottal fricative
ll l long dental lateral
nng ng long velar nasal
nn n long dental nasal

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